Sunday, August 6, 2017

Morning Coffee (8/6/17)

Rwanda: Kagame’s Efficient Repression

Venezuela Reported False Election Turnout, Voting Company Says

Trump is losing, and the weakest among us will pay the price

Heh: Scaramucci’s name comes from the Italian word for a ‘controversy of little importance’

!!! Dunkin’ Donuts Is Considering Losing ‘Donuts’ From Its Name

I love Sally Wainwright: Women in TV aren't trusted as writers, claims Happy Valley creator

Whoa! A Final Mystery for Amelia Peabody, Egyptologist and Sleuth

Spotify Is Coming After Apple With a New Podcast Initiative PLEASE. I listen to Spotify all the time and am terrible at listening to podcasts, so maybe if they take over the industry I'd do better.

Fascinating: Football transfers: How clubs research social media & body language to buy players

And crying: Milkshake shipped across US to grant dying woman's wish

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