Saturday, August 12, 2017

Morning Coffee (8/12/17)

March of white supremacists at University of Virginia ends in skirmishes

Good: Active-duty military members sue Trump over transgender ban

Well. White House adviser says people should stop criticizing white supremacists so much

The Political Payoff of Making Whites Feel Like a Minority

Why Do We Call White House Happenings “Palace Intrigue”? The Intriguing Explanation.

Taylor Swift did a really good job at not letting her assaulter blame his actions on her at her trial this week.

I am watching the first Liverpool match of the season RIGHT NOW and I'm so happy: Looking Ahead to the English Premier League’s Game of Thrones

Interesting: China’s Pretty Boys Find a New Gig: Propaganda Films

Prehistoric Brits Ate People and Then Turned Their Bones Into Art

Books in America are full of swear words: the more recent, the more profane

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