Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Morning Coffee (7/18/17)

Fingers crossed that this sticks... Health Care Overhaul Collapses as Two Republican Senators Defect

UAE orchestrated hacking of Qatari government sites, sparking regional upheaval, according to U.S. intelligence officials

Trump lawyer: Secret Service let the Russia meeting happen. Secret Service: Nope.

You should care about the Trump-Russia scandal

This awesome secret resistance project that I've been helping with was finally announced yesterday! (That goes to a PDF, just to warn you.)

Ooh: Comey’s Writing a Book, and Publishers Are Eager to Pay Big Money for It

R. Kelly Is Holding Women Against Their Will In A “Cult,” Parents Told Police

Aw, good for Colin Baker: I was the Doctor and I’m over the moon that at last we have a female lead

I kinda can't believe there wasn't a sandwich already: Apple previews new emoji coming later this year

The Secret Engravings Found on a Neolithic Rock Formation

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