Friday, June 16, 2017

Morning Coffee (6/16/17)

Time for some Friday happy links!

Canada's just SHOWING OFF now: A Chiseled Justin Trudeau Casually Kayaked Up to This Family’s Dock to Talk About Climate Change

The Hidden Treasures in Italian Libraries

Aw, look at Luna Legend's first pitch. Also, Luna Legend sounds like the name of a superhero.

Why yes, I DO want to ogle the US's most expensive vacation homes.

She makes a compelling case: S’mores Should Be Made With Chocolate Frosting

Get Lost in These Real-World Fairy Tale Landscapes

Did you know there is such thing as SILENT BOOK CLUB????

!! In 1964, You Could Buy Magazines From a Street Dalek

I'd... try this: Someone invented a black latte for people who hate unicorn drinks

Vintage Photos of Traveling Libraries

18 Cocktails That Are Basically Summer in a Glass Is it the weekend yet?

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