Tuesday, April 11, 2017

Morning Coffee (4/11/17)

Here's some background on the teacher who was murdered (along with one of her students) by her abusive husband at an elementary school yesterday: 'She thought she had a wonderful husband, but she found out he was not wonderful at all'

I missed this over the weekend: McFarland Out at NSC

California Moves to Become ‘Sanctuary State,’ and Others Look to Follow

Does Trump Want Syria’s Assad to Go? Depends Who You Ask.

Sorry, Missile Strikes Don’t Make Trump a Serious Man

Inside the Emerging Trumpian Alt-Right Snuff Novel

Why the alt-right loves single-payer health care

Pulitzer Prize winners! I'm happiest about the one for David Fahrenthold.

Spain Arrests Russian Thought to Be Kingpin of Computer Spam

‘He has caused chaos’: How Netanyahu’s media war nearly split his government

It’s Not Just Fox: Why Women Don’t Report Sexual Harassment

Medieval villagers mutilated the dead to stop them rising, study finds

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