Saturday, March 4, 2017

Morning Coffee (3/4/17)

Thousands Of Civilians Flee Mosul Under Cover Of Night

Heartbreaking: Mass baby remains found at former Catholic home in Ireland

This seems super normal: “We cannot find the bill": inside the frantic hunt for the GOP Obamacare replacement (They mean that literally. I at first assumed they meant it was hard to come up with a replacement that would work - because OBVIOUSLY - but no, the bill is literally hidden.)

The Trump-Russia scandals: a quick visual guide

What We Know About Sergey Kislyak

Mike Pence used private email as governor, and it got hacked (BUT HER EMAILS.)

If you haven't seen it yet, here's an interesting blow-by-blow of the Oscar mistake.

Tom Hanks Has Been Keeping the White House Press Corps Caffeinated for Over a Decade Now

Roger Stone Versus the "Deep State"

!! Bees Can Learn to Play “Soccer.” Score One for Insect Intelligence

Ooh, Tina Brown's tell-all should be delightfully juicy.

The Story of Belle Gunness, One of America's Most Prolific Serial Killers

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