Friday, March 3, 2017

Morning Coffee (3/3/17)

I'm still discombobulated from travel but I think it's time for some happy Friday links!

New music from Lorde!

YAY: Hidden figures no more: female Nasa staff to be immortalised in Lego

Aw, this is great: PBS NewsHour and the Washington Press Club Foundation Are Creating a Fellowship in Honor of Gwen Ifill

Awesome: Swedish Women’s Soccer Team Replaces Names on Jerseys With Quotes From Women

I saw this Beauty and the Beast tea at Disneyland the other day and didn't want to take it home in my suitcase, but if it pops up at my local store I'm sure I'll give in.

Ooh: IBM Watson Created a Modern Sculpture Inspired by the Work of One of Spain’s Most Famous Architects

This headline is AMAZING: Prince Charles is behind a plan to use nutella to help sterilize squirrels

KITTEN REALITY SHOW (I just looked and three of them were snuggling adorably.)

Heh: A Single Mouse Grounded a Plane in London

A Tolkien Truther From Colorado Says He's the Real King of England (In his defense... Donald Trump is president.)

Step Inside This Underground Cathedral, Carved into the Walls of an Abandoned Salt Mine

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