Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Morning Coffee (3/28/17)

What Russia's Latest Protests Mean for Putin

Uh: Venezuelan troops invaded Colombia this week. But just a little bit.

Trump's Anti-Immigrant Policies Are Scaring Eligible Families Away From the Safety Net

I just... Trump Reportedly Handed Merkel a $374 Billion Invoice for NATO

Donald Trump is extremely bad at making deals

Trump’s Terrifying Comey Tweet

Hee: BUY THE BOOK: Trump Got To Sit In A Big Boy Truck Because Today Was A Special Day!

Oh hey, we haven't had a Theranos update in a while! Theranos offers shares to investors if they promise not to sue

At Muirfield, the World’s Oldest Golf Club, Women Can Join. Finally.

CAN YOU IMAGINE being isolated for a year filming a British reality show and coming back to find out about Brexit AND Trump???

PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN: Did Senator Cory Booker and Mindy Kaling Just Set Up a Real-Life Date Over Twitter?

Deep in Brazil’s Amazon, Exploring the Ruins of Ford’s Fantasyland

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