Sunday, March 26, 2017

Morning Coffee (3/26/17)

As French Election Nears, Le Pen Targets Voters Her Party Once Repelled

9 bonkers things Donald Trump said in his new exclusive interview with Time

Again, doesn't matter now, but Dylan Matthews was right about this: A modest proposal for solving Republicans' Obamacare impasse

Same here, actually: Why would Democrats ever let Neil Gorsuch be confirmed?

This is... sort of good? Hill Republicans say they're growing frustrated with Mattis

Rex Tillerson Doesn’t Exactly Sound Like Someone Who Wants to Be Secretary of State

The World According to Bannon

"The theft, and then recovery, of Brady’s jersey was like a tale of Trumpian fan fiction."

There are now 3 rivers that legally have the same rights as humans

Interesting: Chinese maths textbooks to be translated for UK schools

How Scarlett Got Its Groove Back: The Link Between Pop-Culture Properties and Baby Names

A trove of anti-Soviet jokes recently declassified by the CIA offers a glimpse of Cold War humor

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