Thursday, February 2, 2017

Morning Coffee (2/2/17)

I don't even know where to start these days. Here goes.

Eight-year-old American girl 'killed in Yemen raid approved by Trump'

Yesterday Trump antagonized Australia, AN IMPORTANT ALLY, and maybe threatened to invade Mexico? Who knows!

He ordered the CVE to focus solely on Islamic extremism and ignore white supremacists.

Evil and terrifying: Trump Pushes Dark View of Islam to Center of U.S. Policy-Making

White House refuses to condemn Bannon’s Islamophobic remarks

Senate Republicans just cheated Democrats out of a vote on controversial appointees

Trump used a Black History Month speech to talk about himself, how he did with black voters, and CNN (He maybe thinks Frederick Douglass is alive? McSweeney's published the actual speech as a "joke" monologue. Amazing.)

Fighting for the Poor Under Trump

Here's a good interview with Chris Hayes on what the media does now.

Whoa: A cheese factory goes high-design in Turkey

Shakespeare and the American oligarchy

How the 1963 'Career Girl Murders' Bolstered the Myth that Cities Aren’t Safe For Women

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