Saturday, February 18, 2017

Morning Coffee (2/18/17)

Some cheery reading to start your Saturday: Where are coups most likely to occur in 2017?

The Trump administration proposed deputizing some National Guard units to arrest immigrants

Oh: Trump's updated travel ban to have minimal input from national security

ICE Agents Arrest a Domestic Violence Victim in Court Where She Was Seeking Protective Order

Donald Trump: Republican members of Congress only represent “Republican people” in their districts

Not that it worked, but good for them: E.P.A. Workers Try to Block Pruitt in Show of Defiance

Trump says American allies should spend more on defense. Here's why he's wrong.

Washington Post’s Marty Baron: ‘We’re not at war with the administration, we’re at work’

(Cicero was NEVER BORING, but:) Cicero used to be boring. With Trump around, he’s breathtaking.

Earth’s Mysterious Magnetic Field, Stored in a Jar

Ooh: On Dracula's Lost Icelandic Sister Text

The Rise of the Luxurious Suburban Master Bathroom

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