Thursday, February 16, 2017

Morning Coffee (2/16/17)

Russians in the White House? Blackmail, Disinformation, and Michael Flynn

An Important New Sign That the White House Doesn’t Want a Trade War With China

Trump holds court at Mar-a-Lago, and his rich customers get what they paid for

This is an important point: Trump doesn’t have to do something unprecedented for it to be a really bad idea

It Is Not Normal For a First Lady and Daughter to Try to Sell You Stuff

Corey Lewandowski’s Potential Clients Say He’s Bragging About Access To Trump’s Twitter Account

The president just elevated a dangerous anti-vaxxer talking point

Go away, BernieBros: New Liberal PAC Targets Democrats for Primaries

!!! Thieves steal £2m of rare books by abseiling into warehouse

Ooh, Robin Wasserman and Miranda Beverly-Whittemore talk books and rage and intense girl friendships.

The First Observations of Sea Ice Came From 8th-Century Irish Monks in Iceland

Quiz: New American Girl Doll or Your Ex-Boyfriend?

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