Wednesday, February 1, 2017

Morning Coffee (2/1/17)

ICYMI, I posted a book review for January under the wire yesterday.

This is horrifying: At least 17 bomb threats called in to JCCs nationwide in third wave of harassment

As is this: Priest tells anti-Trump protesters to commit suicide

Turmoil at DHS and State Department – “There Are People Literally Crying in the Office Here”

Under fire, Trump weighs new changes to refugee ban

Putin Is Using Spy Tactics To Split NATO From The Inside

The incompetence displayed by Trump's immigration orders will be terrifying in a crisis

Lying in the Face of Facts? Trump Did That for a Decade With Celebrity Apprentice Ratings

Huh: The US Army Wants Biodegradable Bullets That Sprout Plants

Is Ryan Murphy really going to inflict a Monica Lewinsky show on us, maybe just in time for the next election? SIGH.

'Goodnight Moon' Author Margaret Wise Brown Was No Old Lady Whispering Hush

The Obsessed, Feuding Searchers Still Looking for Amelia Earhart

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