Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Morning Coffee (1/24/17)

Donald Trump Is Being Sued for Violating the Constitution. Here’s What You Need to Know.

National Security Advisor Michael Flynn's Ties to Russia Are Under Investigation

Trump Presidency Is Already Altering Israeli-Palestinian Politics

The White House Press Secretary Just Declared War On Reality And The Press

Trump Strikes at Abortion With a Revived Foreign-Aid Rule

Kellyanne Conway finally admits the audit was just an excuse

Czech Republic to fight 'fake news' with specialist unit

Onto something more pleasant: The ALA Youth Media Awards! The theme this year seems to have been "Just give John Lewis everything," because librarians are great.

Why the Allegations Against Casey Affleck Should Stand Alone

This was interesting and made me very hungry: Much of the Cuisine We Now Know, and Think of as Ours, Came to Us by War

The Many-Moons Theory

170-Year-Old Thumbnail Sheds Light on Doomed Arctic Expedition

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