Sunday, January 15, 2017

Morning Coffee (1/15/17)

Liberals, Don’t Let Donald Trump Tarnish L.L. Bean’s Sterling Brand Reputation

Trump, Kennedy, and the real science of vaccines

Paul LePage is such an evil man: Maine Forfeits $1.4 Million After Insisting on Photo IDs for Infant Nutrition Program

This situation is fascinating, though I'm not sure how much it will MATTER: The Mattis confirmation hearing is happening in an alternate world where Trump lost

Sen. Jeff Merkley patiently exposed Rex Tillerson on climate change

An existential moment for the Euro-American alliance

Wow, Norway is getting rid of FM radio.

This is fascinating: Talking to In-laws Can Be Hard. In Some Languages, It’s Impossible.

How to Find Your Perfect Comfort Read

Now I want bread: Rye, a Grain With Ancient Roots, Is Rising Again

'Vampire' Burials Have Been Uncovered in Poland (I love vampire burials. I will post about ALL OF THEM.)

Sure, why not? An Iron Hell River Is Flowing Beneath The Earth

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