Saturday, December 3, 2016

Morning Coffee (12/3/16)

Your longread for the weekend: The End of the Anglo-American Order

Trump is now doing things that are truly dangerous to national security and international stability, and he's not even in office yet: Trump Speaks With Taiwan’s Leader, an Affront to China

God save us all: The trick to persuading Trump? Flattery, proximity and snappy pitches

Finally! Colombia’s Congress Approves Peace Accord With FARC

Big news for those of us interested in tech history: Erich Bloch has died.

The Trump conflicts of interest we can see are just the tip of the iceberg

This seems important! Trump’s DC Hotel Is Weeks Away From Violating Its Government Lease

Oh: Michael Steele: Petraeus’ conviction for passing secrets to his mistress was a just minor ‘hiccup’

An important followup on that Russian propaganda piece I posted: The Propaganda About Russian Propaganda

Mike Allen and Jim VandeHei Reveal Their Plan for Media Domination

The World's Oldest Library: Founded by a Woman, Restored by a Woman

Found: Ancient Elephant Fossils Hidden Beneath L.A.'s New Subway

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