Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Morning Coffee (12/28/16)

Wonder and Worry, as a Syrian Child Transforms

A trailblazer: Dark matter scientist Vera Rubin dies at 88

A People’s History of the Third Reich

"The logic of Book Twitter is: Books are inherently good. Therefore, if we’d all just read more books, Donald Trump wouldn’t have been elected. If you believe that books have the power to do good, you also have to believe that they can do just as much harm. After the election, there was no soul searching on Book Twitter. No one questioned the power structures of publishing."

The Far Right Has a New Digital Safe Space

How Pacifism Can Lead to Violence and Conflict

Seven uncomfortably resonant foreign films about politics for the age of Trump

The movie that doesn’t exist and the Redditors who think it does

To Speak Is to Blunder

Wow: New battery tech lasts for days, charges in seconds

Ooh: The first recording of Beethoven's Pastoral Symphony

Five Colossal Stone Portraits Around the World

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