Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Morning Coffee (12/27/16)

Cybersecurity firm finds evidence that Russian military unit was behind DNC hack

Venezuela’s crazy currency swap looks like alchemy, not economics

Not that this should surprise anyone, but Trump is picking people for high-level positions based on how they look.

This was... quite something: CIA Director John Brennan tells the BBC that Trump's ideas are terrible

"'I told them I was here to see the president like everyone else.' Switzer said he instead went upstairs in Trump Tower, bought a coffee at Starbucks and came back downstairs."

Good for him: Resigning from Oracle

Canadian journalists who covered Rob Ford offer tips on Trump

On the Dangerous AIDS Myth of ‘Patient Zero,’ and the Book That Started It All

The Metropolitan Opera recently performed its first work by a woman SINCE 1903. Wow.

Ooh: 'Carol' Screenwriter Phyllis Nagy to Write Patricia Cornwell Kay Scarpetta Film

Anna Kendrick's By the Book is pretty delightful.

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