Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Morning Coffee (12/20/16)

Russian Ambassador to Turkey Is Assassinated in Ankara

Related: How the rivalry between Russians and Turks shaped the world

A very powerful piece about Syrian refugees: A Woman Alone

All This Talk of Voter Fraud? Across U.S., Officials Found Next to None

Uh, not good: Under political pressure, Kuwait cancels major event at Four Seasons, switches to Trump’s D.C. hotel

Trump private security force ‘playing with fire’

White nationalists target Jews in small Montana town

Shocker: Trump’s Labor Secretary Pick Has a Long, Slimy History With Anti-Abortion Schemes

It amazes me that major corporations come up with things so obviously tone-deaf and no one catches it along the way: Bud Light sorry for ‘removing no from your vocabulary for the night’ label

Cotton Mather, the Salem Witch Trials, and Our Miserable Present

This is a good read on the importance of black sci-fi authors.

Reddit Is Tearing Itself Apart

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