Thursday, November 24, 2016

Morning Coffee (11/24/16)

Happy Thanksgiving! In honor of the holiday I wrote a thank you note to Hillary Clinton.

On its 80th anniversary, the perfect Thanksgiving reading takes on a melancholy note

Basically everything Todd VanDerWerff writes is brilliant, including this: Don’t avoid politics this holiday season. Use these 5 tips for productive conversations.

How to talk to your climate denier uncle this Thanksgiving

Showing Up for Racial Justice Thanksgiving Toolkit (PDF)

Thanksgiving tech support survival guide

This was unexpectedly moving: My Day at the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line

Use Two Quarters to Measure Perfect Pie Dough Thickness

Don’t use your drone to cook Thanksgiving dinner

6 states produce almost all the turkey in the US

The Plymouth Hero You Should Really Be Thankful for This Thanksgiving

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