Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Morning Coffee (11/23/16)

Some good news! Turkey withdraws child rape bill after street protests

ISIS Used Chemical Arms at Least 52 Times in Syria and Iraq, Report Says

Whoa: Pope Francis Extends Priests’ Ability to Forgive Abortion

Oh, sad: William Trevor, Writer Who Evoked the Struggles of Ordinary Life, Is Dead at 88

Why Jared Kushner is Donald Trump's truest heir and most trusted adviser

This is fascinating: Covering Trump: An oral history of an unforgettable campaign

Long but worth reading: Shirtless Trump Saves Drowning Kitten: Facebook's Fake-News Problem and the Rise of the Postmodern Right

Was Steve Bannon, Donald Trump’s Attack Dog, Paid Illegally?

Hahaha: Oracle Just Bought Dyn, the Company That Brought Down the Internet

Now We’ll Finally Get to See the American Revolution Through the Eyes of King George

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