Sunday, October 30, 2016

Morning Coffee (10/30/16)

Hillary Clinton is matching Barack Obama with young voters

Some good stuff about historical parallels here: Does Donald Trump Believe in Anything but Himself?

Jill Stein’s Ideology Says One Thing—Her Investment Portfolio Says Another

The Female Politician Trying to Turn Georgia Blue

Wow: Trump and Clinton: The Victorian Novel

!! Bees trained by scientists can teach each other new skills

"You have to be 'likable,' which is my least favorite bloody word in the industry. Rachel isn't 'likable.' What does that mean? To be witty and pretty and hold it together and be there for the guy? And he can just be a total drip?"

An interesting profile even if you don't care much about football: The Great Expectations of Scotty Walden, the Youngest College Football Head Coach in America

Heh: Peyton List-icle: 6 Ways to Identify Which Peyton List Is Which

This is a fascinating story: Jane Campbell: Parliamentary divorce pioneer

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