Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Morning Coffee (10/26/16)

This piece was very good but reading it was sort of like descending into a nightmare: You’ll Likely Be Reading One Of These 5 Articles The Day After The Election

Welcome to Trump TV: Donald Trump Launches Nightly Facebook Live Show

I hate this whole ridiculous tone: Hillary's list: An old-fashioned campaign plods ahead Yes, her campaign is METHODICALLY DOING THE WORK, HOW DARE THEY.

Everything is very normal: Rep. McCaul: I told Trump Russia was behind the hacks, but he thinks there's no proof

WHAT: After Kelly Preston's son died, Trump said he "worked like hell to try and pick her up."

Well: Donald Trump’s campaign has spent more on hats than on polling

This was a great profile of Andy Borowitz, whose stuff I actually do like.

This has been quite the fall: Kathleen Kane, Former Pennsylvania Attorney General, Is Sentenced to Prison

Oops: Australia Could’ve Fixed a Major Government Website Outage by Turning Router Off and On

Thomas Becket's personal book of psalms 'found in Cambridge library'

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