Thursday, October 20, 2016

Morning Coffee (10/20/16)

"But the other reality is that Clinton has been, at every turn, prepared, disciplined, and coldly strategic. She triggered Trump’s epic meltdown purposely, and kept Trump off balance over multiple weeks that probably represented his last chance to turn the election around."

There's a new “silent majority,” and it's voting for Hillary Clinton

Welp: While You Were Watching The Debate, Trump Just Launched Trump TV

A short history of white people rigging elections

Malik Obama: Donald Trump’s debate guest and Barack’s half-brother, explained

Heh. The Onion: Undecided Debate Viewer Waiting Until He Hears Same Responses For Seventh Time Before Making Decision

I love Ned Resnikoff trolling the trolls with Taylor Swift.

Related: Anti-Semitic Posts, Many From Trump Supporters, Surge on Twitter

5 Heartbreaking Accounts Of Sexual Abuse In Modern India

Oh, interesting: A Pearl Harbor Disappearance May Finally Have Been Solved

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