Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/27/16)

Me elsewhere: I liked Designated Survivor!

Trump directed $2.3 million owed to him to his tax-exempt foundation instead

"What kind of billionaire withdraws the health insurance of an infant [his nephew!] with cerebral palsy in a fit of pique? A person comfortable being cruel to others."

Gunman who wounded 9 was wearing Nazi paraphernalia, sources say

But it's not like our elected officials are encouraging this sort of thing or anything: Rep. Steve King is hanging out with the German far right and tweeting racist buzzwords

Hillary Clinton’s ‘Angry’ Face

Sorry, Donald Trump, Hillary Clinton isn’t just another ex-wife for you to trash

Ned Resnikoff has a good take on Trump, lies, and Russia.

But in case you fear everything is terrible in the world: Nicole Cliffe is recapping Poldark!!

And LOOK AT SUPERMAN, you guys.

Archaeologists Find Ancient Pot With Traces of 3,000-Year-Old Burnt Cheese POOR CHEESE.

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