Friday, September 2, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/2/16)

Time for some happy Friday links!

This is the greatest thing the New York Times has ever printed; it deserves a Pulitzer.

Aw: Florida State University Football Player Sees Boy With Autism Sitting Alone at Lunch During Visit, Joins Him

!!! Bill Nye Lands Netflix Talk Show

Letter sent to Iceland farm with hand-drawn map instead of address gets there anyway. Aw, Iceland.

These vintage posters of America's national parks are gorgeous.

Whoa: Egyptian Mummy Comes to Life via CT Scans, 3-D Printing

I haven't read much Stephen King because I am a scaredy cat, but Zack Handlen's piece on why he loves IT is lovely and compelling.

These Kate Middleton Style Bloggers Are the Hardest Working Women on the Internet

Quiz: Which Of King Henry VIII’s Wives Would You Be? (Catherine of Aragon, obviously.)

Let's go make perfect rum punch.

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