Saturday, September 17, 2016

Morning Coffee (9/17/16)

Will Syria’s ceasefire hold? The 3 signs to watch.

Candidates: They're just like us: "Now in an attempt to savor the series, Clinton explains that she’s 'rationing' out the second novel to make the four-part series last a little longer - and not keep her from the campaign."

Colin Kaepernick’s Protest Is Working

The secrets of David Fahrenthold's reporting on the Trump Foundation

Donald Trump fans have been sending me racist, hateful messages for months. Here's a sampling.

Lawsuits against the media aren’t new. But Thiel blueprint sets a disturbing precedent.

In Hollywood, people with disabilities are almost nonexistent

"Why use so much of Dia de Los Muertos and blatantly get it wrong? Borrowing from other cultures to tell your story may seem minor, but it can be harmful to people of that culture."

Everything's fine: Climate change could be to blame for an unusual avalanche in Tibet that can be seen from space

Aw: Choking Goldfish Gets Emergency Pebble Extraction

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