Sunday, August 7, 2016

Morning Coffee (8/7/16)

This Vlogbrothers project is a great idea: How to Vote in Every State

Trump Boasts About Watching ‘Top Secret’ Iran Video, But His Campaign Confirms He Did Not

And the real story: The US did not pay a $400 million “ransom” to Iran. Here’s what actually happened.

The Religious Right’s Dangerous Bet On Trump

Frankly, I only care about this because they are using immigration talk against people: Gaps in Melania Trump's immigration story raise questions

What Hillary Clinton’s campaign songs say that she can’t

Um: The FDA just greenlit releasing mutant Zika-killing mosquitoes in Florida

I always love reading Todd VanDerWerff on the state of TV networks.

DELIGHTFUL: We Watched Kevin Spacey Play A Cat In ‘Nine Lives’ And Kept A Running Diary

Oops: Princess Anne nearly jabbed in face as Andy Murray struggles with flag-bearing duties

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