Sunday, August 21, 2016

Morning Coffee (8/21/16)

All our dreams have been answered: We've got a potential first spouse cookie battle! Should I try both recipes and report back?

It’s time to accept that Donald Trump is never going to learn basic stuff about the world

This story includes two of my favorite things to read about: YouTube star drama AND North Korea!

SIGH: Meeting the Free Speech Crusaders Who Want to End Political Correctness

This this this: Advocating for specific plot twists isn’t meaningful political activism

'We Don’t Need to Be Alone’: A Political Shift Has Poland Assessing Its Values

Here's a great profile of Senator Mikulski.

This defense of the bronze medal is fun.

Kafkaesque instructions on what to do with Franz Kafka’s manuscripts produce a Kafkaesque legal battle

Shifting Sands in Britain Reveal a 100-Year-Old Shipwreck (Not for nothing, but I feel like shifting sands have been revealing more things than usual recently.)

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