Saturday, July 9, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/9/16)

Am I Going to Write About Murdered Black People Forever?

The way they're selling people via app is horrifying: ISIS tightens its grip on its 3,000 sex slaves

More Guns, More Fear, More Killings

Twitter Exonerated This “Suspect” in the Dallas Shooting. Why Didn’t the Police Clear His Name?

Jill Stein invited Bernie Sanders to take over the Green Party ticket, which is useful proof that she thinks her personal whims are more important than preventing a Trump presidency.

Congressman Trolls Trump by Asking FBI Director About Danger of Retweeting White Supremacists

Uh, this isn't good: Something Crazy Is Happening to Swiss Bonds, and It’s a Sad Sign for the World Economy

Sure, exactly what we need right now are Russian spy ships.

This take on the debate over Sulu's sexuality in Star Trek was pretty convincing.

I couldn't bring myself to read that entire terrible Margot Robbie profile, but the takedown at Go Fug Yourself was good.

And a moment of happiness: Hermione and Hermione!

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