Monday, July 4, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/4/16)

Me elsewhere: Here's your TV news for the week!

In honor of the holiday: A Patriotic Presidential Quiz from Gail Collins.

Obama’s most unusual legacy? Being a good dad.

I dutifully read articles about Bitcoin but I still don't really GET it: How China Took Center Stage in Bitcoin’s Civil War

This New Yorker parody is GREAT.

Interesting: Created in Her Image: The conservative politics of Joan Didion

Huh: Lemurs Intentionally Sing Off Key

I don't entirely understand this, but it's still interesting: A Simple Proof From the Pattern-Matching Card Game Set Stuns Mathematicians

Heh: Smash Mouth's Desperate, Endless Twitter Battle

Russians Abroad – Old and New

Which Broadway Couples Are Most Likely To Make It: A Worst-to-Best Ranking

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