Saturday, July 23, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/23/16)

In case you missed the news last night: Clinton chose Tim Kaine as her running mate, which I think makes a lot of sense.

What Ezra Klein is saying here is important: Donald Trump’s nomination is the first time American politics has left me truly afraid

As is this: Donald Trump’s NATO comments are the scariest thing he’s said

Republicans Have Made a World-Historical Mistake

How 'Lock Her Up!' Became a Mainstream GOP Rallying Cry

The Ugly Truth About the RNC: Donald Trump Is Not an Outlier

Welp: Former KKK Grand Wizard on Trump's RNC Speech: "Couldn't Have Said It Better"

And: Illinois Republicans remove Trump delegate with 'whitepride' social media handle

Did the Trump campaign violate federal law by using a Trump Organization speechwriter?

Alyssa Rosenberg's review of Star Trek Beyond makes me even more excited to see it.

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