Saturday, July 16, 2016

Morning Coffee (7/16/16)

One of those bodies found by Pokemon Go players? In my city.

Dahlia Lithwick has an interesting take on Ruth Bader Ginsburg's attacks on Trump.

Our Political Culture Doesn’t Know What to Do With Trump’s Explicit Prejudice

Donald Trump’s run for president is baffling — until you read The Art of the Deal

The Clintons and the press are caught in a pointless, toxic cycle of scandal

This piece on Iceland's new historian president is a great read.

If ‘Ghostbusters’ is a feminist victory, feminist pop culture is doomed

This seems like the time to look at vice presidents in order of hotness.

Ooh: Battle of Hastings memorial stone moved to reflect new research

British Soccer Teams Brace for the Impact of ‘Brexit’

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