Sunday, May 15, 2016

Morning Coffee (5/15/16)

AWESOME: Selena Gomez crumpled up a "Marry Justin Please" sign from a fan on stage.

Hillary Clinton doesn't need to choose between a reassuring campaign and progressive policies

Google Proposes More Gender Diversity In Career-Based Emoji, Such As Women Doctors, Engineers, & Rock Stars

The New Yorker's profile of Melania Trump is quite well done.

This is a great profile of Leslie Odom Jr. (Hamilton's Aaron Burr).

Postal service isn't a particularly lucrative business. That's why Finland's is going to mow lawns too.

Thai Officials Battle Buddhist Monks Over Tigers’ Fate

This is neat both in itself and because, you know, Quidditch is now a sport covered in the Guardian: Quidditch World Cup 2016 hopes to feature first African team

Vegan drama is fun: Famous California vegan restaurateurs under fire over revelation they eat meat

And: Help Me Understand This 'Bullying' Controversy Ripping the Vegan YouTube Community Apart

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