Thursday, April 7, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/7/16)

This is great: Hillary Clinton Literally Laughed Out Loud When The Sanders Camp Said She Was Too Ambitious

Hillary Clinton Says She’s “Not Even Sure” Bernie Sanders Is Actually a Democrat BECAUSE HE ISN'T.

Oops: Premier of Iceland now says he's not actually quitting, never mind.

I can't with this: Tennessee Legislators Pick the Bible as the Official State Book. They Already Chose an Official State Sniper Rifle.

"Trump has not yet responded to The New Republic’s offer."

How ISIS Built the Machinery of Terror Under Europe’s Gaze

Oh this is exactly what we need: The D.C. Madam Is About to Make Her Cameo in the GOP Primary (It has to be about Cruz, right? I GUESS it could be Kasich.)

Hero: 9-Year-Old Crime Reporter Isn't Interested In Your Opinions About Her Journalism

Shocker: Female nudity almost three times as likely as male in Hollywood films

Women Slipping Out Of Embraces In Western Art History

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