Saturday, April 30, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/30/16)

(I'm traveling, so this post was written in advance. So if it doesn't seem to take recent news or events into account... that's why.)

I don't mean to ruin your weekend, but Rick Perlstein on Trump is a must-read.

The Man Card: An American Tradition Of Presidents Using Their Gender To Get Ahead

Bernie Sanders Knows He Can’t Win the Nomination Now

Russian Enclave Seen as a Fault Line of East-West Tensions

The Daily News’ Shaun King Was Accused of Plagiarism. Here’s How He Got Vindication.

Pinterest Reinvents Itself to Prove It's Really Worth Billions

On Money, Anxiety, and Marriage

I partially just love this headline: Pluto's Dwarf Planet Friend Makemake Has a Cute Little Moon. Don't you want to watch a cartoon about their adorable adventures?

CASTLE RESTORATION DRAMA: Spanish Castle’s Restoration, Called ‘Disaster’ by Some, Wins Prize

Men Praying Bitchily In Western Art History

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