Monday, April 18, 2016

Morning Coffee (4/18/16)

Me elsewhere: TV news for the week!

2 Years After Boko Haram Kidnapping, the Search Goes On for Nigerian Girls

United States v. Texas, the biggest immigration case in a century, explained

Huh: The Czech Republic is trying to change its name?!?! I'll admit I'm one of those people who still has to stop myself from saying "Czechoslovakia."

A Murder Taps Into Germany’s Conflicted Relations With Migrants

I tried to warn women about Jian Ghomeshi — and it nearly destroyed my life

Hahaha: Only Obama Gets Game Of Thrones Screeners, So I Filed An FOIA Request For Them

Oh good: AMC will NOT allow texting.

This is a lovely profile of Lizzie Skurnick, who has MY unending gratitude for getting Constance back into print.

Obviously I want to read about The Historical Reenactor Accuracy Wars.

So, You're Thinking About Seeing a Play

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