Sunday, March 6, 2016

Morning Coffee (3/6/16)

This is important: The real reason the media covers Donald Trump so much

Open Letter on Trump from GOP National Security Leaders

Team Melissa Harris-Perry: “We didn’t deserve to be disappeared. It was evil, and it was cruel. And it had racial implications.”

Too late now, but this would have been a better speech for Romney to give.

Heh: The Best Thing That Happened This Week: Chris Christie as The Good Wife

This gets at a lot of what bothers me about the "Drumpf" stuff.

That Adorable Asian Kid Didn’t Know She’d Be the Butt of Chris Rock’s Oscars Joke — and Neither Did Her Mom

"Intelligence failures, like literary ones, tend to stem from failures of empathetic imagination."

This story about a conspiracy theory cruise was amazing in about fifteen different ways.

Well. Amy Adams: David O. Russell Made Me Cry ‘Almost Every Day’ on the American Hustle Set

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