Sunday, February 7, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/7/16)

What every dictator knows: young men are natural fanatics

HEE: "When Sanders supporters discuss these attacks, though, they do so in tones of barely contained outrage, as though it is simply disgusting what they have to put up with. Questioning the practical achievability of single-payer health care. Impugning the broad electoral appeal of socialism. Is nothing sacred?"

Ooh, this cold case playing card program is neat.

Peak Franco

Diane Rehm’s next act: Using her famed voice to fight for the good death

Here's an interesting read on populism and restaurant criticism.

Who Gets to Wear a Cheongsam?

I'm glad self-publishing is working for this lady if that's what she wants to do but a. I fear they're making it sound too easy and b. I'm sick of hearing about the "discrimination" toward "indie" authors.

Awwww. ‘My Poor Old Jumbo, Your Alice Weeps for You’

The Mystery Money Keeping St. Mark's Bookshop Alive

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