Saturday, February 13, 2016

Morning Coffee (2/13/16)

Justice Dept. sues the city of Ferguson to force policing reform

"The winning strategy for Trump in a general election is actually pretty simple: Stop saying racist and sexist stuff, pretend he never said racist and sexist stuff, and say whatever he has to to appeal to swing voters."

"Trump’s ethos is simple: he does whatever the hell he wants and he never has to say he’s sorry. If that’s not the dream of the adolescent American male, what is?"

Interesting question: The ethics of advising Donald Trump

"So the meme doesn’t exactly fight fair: It compares how Clinton fields soft questions with how Sanders replies to hard ones."

Marco Rubio's super awkward confrontation with a gay voter, explained

An important read: The Trials of New York’s Family Court

Stranded on the Island of the Blue Dolphins: The True Story of Juana Maria

TV producer Ryan Murphy has a plan to boost Hollywood diversity. It might actually work.

Meet the Guy Behind Amazon’s Secret Retail Store Plans

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