Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/22/15)

Lindsey Graham dropping out is a surprisingly big opportunity for the GOP establishment

Huh: Seymour Hersh's bizarre new conspiracy theory about the US and Syria, explained

Aah, Steph Perkins's story in Summer Days and Summer Nights is a continuation of Marigold and North's story!

Please Stop Spreading This Nonsense that Rey From Star Wars Is a “Mary Sue”

I mean... okay, sure: Nicolas Cage Returns Stolen Dinosaur Skull to Mongolia

Well. Time to burn everything down I guess: CBGB to Reopen as Restaurant in Newark Airport

This is making me feel better about never ever thinking this game sounded like fun: Cards Against Humanity Are Going to Destroy a Picasso

20 Things You Desperately Need To Know About Mariah's Hallmark Movie (I half-watched this while I was baking cookies yesterday and it's... quite something.)

Beautiful: To Fill an Emptiness: Tradition, Food, and the Holidays

Perfect: Songs From a Christmas Album in Which More Than a Few Aims of Feminism Have Been Achieved

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