Thursday, December 17, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/17/15)

You guys, check out today's BEETHOVEN GAME Google doodle! This completely made my day. More computer games should be about classical music, please.

Heh: Five Supreme Court Cases from the Second Trump Administration

This is an important read about sports and child abuse.

This this this: "Because that is the overall message and theme of this photo – women are better silent and unmoving than talking and taking action. That is what these girl are being told, even if you think this joke is 'cute.'"

IMPORTANT: "It's not that girls don't want to go into STEM, or that STEM isn’t 'creative' enough for them—it's that when they get there, they are treated like crap."

“Please correct”: Editing My Mother’s English

"Whether Melville ever found Hawthorne’s penetrating powers to be corporeal as well as intellectual remains a detail lost to history."

Nevada newspaper staff tweet in protest of ownership mystery

Just stop with the stupid viral stunt proposals.

Mobile shopping has its Muzak moment ... must it?

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