Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Morning Coffee (12/16/15)

“Light the motherfucker on fire”: Donald Trump’s disturbing Las Vegas rally

The Coat-Hanger Abortion Is Back, and This Time, Women Can Be Jailed for It

Spotlight was my favorite movie of the year, and this New Yorker piece is a really good read that includes the perspective of the reporters themselves.

Yeah, what the hell DID happen to Mickey Kaus?

The Engineering of Volkswagen’s Aggressive Ambition

An interesting read on the economics of YouTube: "There’s a huge amount of emotional labor inherent in being an online personality—I have to seem carefree and flawless and always surrounded by friends. I can get 'real,' but I can’t bum anyone out."

The CEO gender gap, in 3 depressing charts

This was wonderful: My wife has depression. There’s finally a TV show that understands our relationship.

Stolen Dutch Art Shows Up in Ukraine, but Getting It Back Isn’t Easy

This interactive self-care guide may be useful around the holidays (or any time).

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