Thursday, November 12, 2015

Morning Coffee (11/12/15)

Hillary Clinton quoted Hamilton on Twitter, and given the way 70% of my Twitter timeline is nonstop Hamilton tweets, I assume this means she now has the nomination wrapped up.

SIGH. People Are Slamming the Veterans Day Google Doodle for Not Being White Enough

At least they apologized? Bloomingdale’s Realizes New Ad Advocates Date Rape and Apologizes After Online Outrage

How Marco Rubio Became the GOP's Foreign Policy Candidate

10 Falsehoods That Netanyahu Told During His Appearance At CAP

"But right here, right now, the moment feels wrong to host a female cage match." Good for THR.

A difficult but important read: 'A Mountain of Misconduct' at New Hampshire Rehab

Life Pulls Back in Afghan Capital, as Danger Rises and Troops Recede

Americans’ questions about Obamacare are changing. Their Google searches prove it.

"MONK #1: I don’t know much about Alexander the Great
only that he was one of the Nine Worthies
what was he like? what did he love? what brought him pleasure?
MONK #2: so the main thing to remember about him is that he loved scolding fish"

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