Thursday, October 8, 2015

Morning Coffee (10/8/15)

This is AMAZING: The Bolivian women who knit parts for hearts (That's one of the heart problems I had as a baby, actually.)

Vox has a new podcast!

What My Uterus Can Teach You About Being a Tech Leader

How publishing a 35,000-word manifesto led to the Unabomber

This story about Nazi porcelain is fascinating.

The Heartbreaking Posters That Convinced Americans to Help Displaced Syrians During WWI

Does John Banville not plan his books even when he writes MYSTERIES? I don't get it.

I'm curious to see this Market Basket documentary. Man, that was crazy.

Six Easy Ways to Tell If That Viral Story Is a Hoax

I want to dictate ten thousand lines of verse to you
about how cool the Devil isn’t"

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