Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Morning Coffee (10/6/15)

Good news, I think. I hope. Gov. Hassan is running for Senate (against Ayotte).

Sad: For a teen aspiring to be president, being Muslim is a hurdle in post-9/11 America

"I'm A Grown-Up Now": The Teen Who Accused Kevin Johnson Of Sexual Abuse Speaks Out

Can you steal your own life story?

I'm not even that into Doctor Who, but the Lego set is exciting.

Ooh: Scientists Hope to Learn How Pompeians Lived, Before the Big Day

And huh: Pompeii and the Ancient Origins of Blaming the Victim

The Martian was very good, but I'm not sure it's the movie I'd want to see IN SPACE.

Whatever happened to Eddy Crane?

You, There! Stop! You Can’t Go In There! Why, –

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