Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Morning Coffee (6/2/15)

For the next few weeks - and, honestly, most of the summer - I've got a bunch of travel and other stuff going on, so links will probably not appear every day for a while. I'll try to post a few times a week! Thanks for understanding.

Me elsewhere: This week's TV news.

Joe Biden: “By focusing on my sons, I found my redemption”

Aww: Bethlehem senior class gives trip money to principal battling cancer

Addy Walker, American Girl

I'm not particularly into Mailer or Buckley, but this review of a book about their friendship was SO GOOD.

"While the Bergen Dispatch reviews its options we have confirmed that Bergen County does currently remain part of the State of New Jersey and that currently New Jersey is still part of the Union of states that is governed by the United States Constitution and the Bill of Rights."

Interesting read on baby name regret.

If you laugh at this map, it means you're a huge map nerd

Under the Spell of the Gods: 11 Tales for Fans of Classical Mythology

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