Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Morning Coffee (5/19/15)

Me elsewhere: A few thoughts on the Casual Vacancy miniseries.

What Hollywood’s Acceptance Of Sexism Looks Like In Practice

Ezra Klein makes a good point: The attacks on George Stephanopoulos are getting the problem backward

A former undercover agent explains what's behind the Waco biker gang shootout

Adnan Syed Of “Serial” Wins Right To Petition Court To Hear Alibi Testimony

Greece is not taking legal action to reclaim the Elgin Marbles.

Sigh: Austin greets first majority-female city council session with special training on dealing with women

Huh: The Most Distinctive Words in Online Dating Profiles, By State

5. Take the compliment to your Alchemy Dungeon and transmute it into something negative about yourself.

9. Find out what they’re trying to hide by saying nice things at you. Expose them.

13. CHOKE on the words “THANK YOU” so that you DIE and it’s ALL THEIR FAULT and if ONLY THEY HAD HONORED THE SOCIAL COMPACT by NEVER MENTIONING ANYTHING YOU DID WELL EVER, you would be alive today, and now you’re not, and they’ll never do it again.

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