Monday, May 18, 2015

Morning Coffee (5/18/15)

Me elsewhere: The week's TV news and a few thoughts on the Wayward Pines pilot.

Here at long last is the "Bad Blood" music video.

How Hollywood stays white and male

As many of us suspected, that Good Wife scene with Alicia and Kalinda was apparently filmed without them in the same room, and I remain stunned by the lack of professionalism.

Todd VanDerWerff's final TV schedule analysis for the season: The CW.

I love this: Miss Marple vs. the Mansplainers: Agatha Christie’s Feminist Detective Hero

Two new fathers whose writing I like wrote some interesting, powerful things. First, Matt Yglesias: Basic parenting gets fathers a gold star, and other things I learned on paternity leave

And Barry Lyga: Every Day Is (Not) a Disaster

MADELEINE L’ENGLE: hey remember that book about ecumenical Episcopalianism and quantum physics and resisting conformity you loved so much


MADELEINE L’ENGLE: how about a sequel featuring your favorite character’s sexy twin brothers going back in time and learning about boners and childbirth before God drowns everybody


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