Thursday, March 26, 2015

Morning Coffee (3/26/15)

Um. Maybe you should reconsider this system, California.

New Harper Lee book cover!

This story is insane and says a lot about race and class and . . . other things.

Two good reads re: that terrible Deadline piece: “Ethnic” actors aren’t stealing white roles and Shonda Rhimes is not having it with that Deadline story.

Well this is . . . alarming: Boston House Was Rigged to Explode When Someone Turned On the Lights

“Apocalypse is right around the corner”: Rick Perlstein unloads on Mike Huckabee-style conservatives

Sigh: Cops Find Suspect Hiding in Cabinet After He Posts Snapchat Story of Himself Hiding in Cabinet

Why It Matters Who Steve Jobs Really Was

Men You Meet While Traveling By Airplane

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